Cumbria is most famous for its beautiful Lake District and mountains surrounding the area. This beautiful, idyllic county is a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers everywhere. Canoeing, rafting, hiking are all popular activities in the area.
Cumbria is also well known for its wildlife.

While hunting and habitat loss have greatly diminished the population of animals within the area, new wildlife laws and conservation efforts are slowly helping the animals recover and return to the area. ...continue reading Meet the Cumbria Wildlife

When going on holiday in Cumbria, you will find that it is one of the most dog friendly places in England. A lot of the accommodations allow you to bring your dog with you, and you can hike, jog, and do all sorts of activities with your pets.

However, travelling with a companion animal can be quite tricky, especially if you have never travelled before.

Pet Travel Tips and Guidelines


You should make sure that your pet is used to sitting for long hours inside his crate while in the car, and that he does not easily get car sick. I strongly suggest that you bring your dog to the veterinarian first just to make sure that your dog is perfectly fit to travel.

Your dog should also be properly trained and socialised, so that they do not inadvertently damage or injure the local wildlife and other tourists.

Here are some other tips for bringing your dog to a trip to Cumbria:

bones, dogBring travel dog food
One of the most important items that you can bring is travel dog food. Travel dog food should come in resealable pouches or in rolls that are easy to carry.

They should be made of high quality ingredients to ensure that your dog is receiving proper nutrition. Resealable pouches makes it much easier to store and will prevent spills. They will also keep the food fresh for longer.

Make sure that you bring enough food for the duration of your stay, plus extra for emergencies.

Bring travel dog food bowls
You will need travel dog food bowls as well as a dog water bottle or bowl. You need to be able to carry it around and it should be stable enough that your dog can eat from it.

You can find collapsible bowls from a number of stores, or find water proof containers that are designed to carry dog food.

harnessBuy a comfortable harness for your dog
For the safety and comfort of your dog, buy him a harness. A harness is much better than a leash because it adds less stress on the dog's neck and also keeps him safe.

Many harnesses also double as safety vests for animals that can protect them from the Cumbrian weather. Depending on the style that you choose, your dog can also have several pockets on the harness so that he can carry his own food and water.

Get a comfortable travel crate
Dogs should never travel on the seat so you should get a comfortable travel crate. The crate needs to be clipped into the car and harnessed into place using the seatbelts. You can find a crate that is suitable for your dog's size at any pet accessory shop.

scoopPoop scooping kit
Dog poop is unpleasant and pollutes your surroundings. Be a responsible and put together a poop scooping kit in order to preserve the pristine environment of the Cumbrian wilderness.

Bring poop bags, a scoop, a sanitizer, and some gloves. You should also have tissue ready for your dog.

Summer is fast approaching... soon everybody will be back to the gym or to their jogging routes trying to get rid of their winter bodies and sculpt their figures back into their summer best.

Or others might not be too concerned with the way they look, but are more concerned about where they'll go next for their vacation.

There are many places where you can have your vacation--you can go overseas, you can go tropical, but why not stay in the UK and just go somewhere nearby to fit your budget?

You might get some ideas in this video:


But I suggest you go visit Cumbria... It's a beautiful place with much to offer. I know that just about every single tourism board will advertise their place as the best but I am not a tourism board...

I am just an individual person trying to tell everyone that I love this place. So yeah that all said, just for your consideration, here is what you can find in this lovely place.

Cumbria is in the area bordering to Scotland, on the most north-west of England. There are six districts, but despite this Cumbria is still one of the least populated areas in England or even the UK.


There are many things to see in the area--for one, Cumbria is home to the Lake District National Park, which is quite a large area around 30 miles across.

It has some of England's tallest mountains, and also some of our largest lakes.environment

There are many things to see in Cumbria--and there will always be something for everyone. There is no lack of things to do either.

There are outdoor activities for those who are more athletic--hiking, climbing mountains, swimming in lakes, wake boarding... Whatever it is you want, there is something to fill your craving.


For those who are more of the foodie kind, however, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from--from high end to mid range to lower end...

There will always be something delicious, and something satisfying. And of course there will always be something 'instgram worthy', if that is something that you enjoy doing.

For the artsy folk, there are museums all around. Many choices are available for any taste possible.

For the pet lovers, there are many pet-friendly places to take them--parks and all.

And for the kids... there are zoos and acquariums, amongst other places, so no matter what you and your kids will be entertained and there will be no bored, sad faces.

How to Get to Cumbria
Getting to Cumbria is easy--it is very much accessible by different transportation options. You can get there by road, by train, by air or even by sea.


I will cover this in more detail in another blog post, but for now this is all you need to know.

There is no reason for you not to make it here--there is always a way!